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by MB on May 15, 2013

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Welcome back to another show here on Peeperz Radio! Our guest today is a an adult megastar famous for her off the chart sex scenes and top heavy exotic beauty. We are very pleased to have Angelina Valentine as our guest! Also be sure to check out our other recent interviews with TS MILF Jasmine Jewels as well as our chat with the legendary Eve Laurence. All our interviews can be downloaded for free so by all means load them onto your devices.

Angelina Valentine’s life could not have been written by Hollywood and believed. She was born in rural Lexington Kentucky to a life of privilege on a ranch complete with livestock. Despite the wealth of her family, it was a highly dysfunctional environment overflowing with affairs, arguments and betrayal.  In her high school years Angelina thought she might be a lesbian due to an overwhelming physical attraction to her best friend. In fact she was a later bloomer sexually.

The dysfunction in her home culminated in shocking violence when Angelina’s mother shot and killed her father in cold blood. Despite what seemed like an open and shut case, wealth and influence converged to keep her mother out of jail. She was never charged. After her father was killed it wasn’t long before her mother simply split and left for good. Angelina finally let reality sink in when the electricity in the house was shut off and the house was auctioned off.

Angelina tried some exotic dancing in Kentucky and after she met pornstar Adriana Sage who was feature dancing at one of the clubs, Adriana convinced Angelina to move to California. Angelina hit the road and in 2007 she started shooting adult films. Since her humble beginnings, she has gone on to appear in close to 250 films, she has directed many films, and has been nominated for over a dozen adult film awards.

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Her fan base is massive and one look at her onscreen presence will explain this popularity, she simply burns like an inferno in her scenes. The great thing is that what you see is what you get with Angelina – she really is that sexually charged.

Angelina candidly retells the story of the murder of her father at the hands of her mother, and her violent. abusive, relationship with former boyfriend and fellow pornstar Chris Stokes. Angelina also describes in graphic detail her sexual desires and turn-ons,  as well as dishing the dirt on her soon to be launched company she has created. She promises it will be the kinkiest thing ever.

Heads up she will also be giving details on where the party will be for the launch of her company  for those of you who may want to attend. So tune in, get turned on, and check out the wild child, Angelina Valentine!

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See what makes Angelina so hot in our gallery below:

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