Angels & Pornstars: Alex Chance

by WILLIAM CONSTANTINE on August 31, 2012

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And now for something completely different! It’s Angels & Pornstars, the column where world famous psychic William Constantine uses his powers to “read” the most famous pornstars. Today he explores Alex Chance. 

Alex Chance is the “girl next door” with ambition! She has an innate desire to experience new things, which makes her an exceptional commodity as a pornstar! She is a doer that loves adventure! She can be very courageous when need be, but sometimes may come off a bit foolhardy or lacking judgment.

She is very enthusiastic and due to this energy she can overpower those around her—almost dominating. Not a bad thing in the porn world, but also not intentional on her part either.

Alex is a starter of many projects and finisher of few. She is fantastic at initiating new things, but can be quick to loose interest. In fact, due to this she often feels like she is being pulled in so many directions – however, when she does see things through she typically comes out on top. She has the energy and spirit of a great entrepreneur because she is always exploring new ideas and trying to bring her career and life to new levels.

Alex is constantly on the go and anything that prevents her from being active causes frustration—she needs to feel she is accomplishing something. However, due to this constant busy body mindset, she can be prone to headaches, migraines, and sinus issues. She often does things on impulse and combined with her sense of adventure can be prone to accidents.

She is also about sharing knowledge and her opinions so look for her in all aspects of the media—she is about creating change in failed systems and schools of thought.

With regards to her career, Alex Chance has the ability to become a brand. She is not about just doing one thing, as we have discovered, so you’ll see her branch out into other avenues; clothing, toys, writing, makeup, etc. And yes, more movies! You may see her with her own modeling agency or her own empire, for Alex the sky isn’t even the limit.

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