Angels & Pornstars: Asa Akira

by WILLIAM CONSTANTINE on August 22, 2012

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And now for something completely different! It’s Angels & Pornstars, the column where world famous psychic William Constantine uses his powers to “read” the most famous pornstars. Today he explores Asa Akira. 

At 26, Asa Akira, is on a no holds bard take over of the industry!

Like her Capricorn sign, she is highly ambitious and is very career-oriented. Once she has her sights set on a goal, she’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. She also is very visual and creative, so you may see her in the director’s chair someday.

I feel, as though, Asa, is a deeply private person surrounded by emotional walls and barriers. In other words, her private life is very private and she may only surround herself with a few select friends. Those in that inner circle will find her to be a devoted friend and confidant–deeply compassionate and highly giving. If you call Asa your friend, you could enter Fort Knox with ease.

Let’s say that Asa is a tigress when it comes to defending those that she cares about, so be sure not to cross her! Yet, on the other hand, she enjoys laughing and has an amazing sense of humor. She has a tendency to take on a lot–to bury herself both in work and life.

By nature, I feel Asa is submissive and eager to please, but her alter ego in films enjoys power and control. She is highly competitive with herself, always trying to kick up the next performance and make it better, hotter, and wetter.

While Asa has already achieved so much in so little time, she is far from done! Her career will continue to rise rapidly and you will see her expand even more into mainstream films, as well. She certainly isn’t done collecting her fair share of awards. Don’t be surprised if you see Asa with her own production company, a book, and more.

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