Anxiety During the First Bang

by Alpha Harlot on June 10, 2018

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If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s making the whole awkward first time sex jitters disappear. That was one of the skills that I learned while I was slutting around on Craigslist. When you have five one night stands a week, breaking in new partners to get what you’re looking for is a bit simplified.

Everything comes down to communication though. You have to figure out a way to talk about the super important stuff, like protection and sexually transmitted diseases. And while you’re doing that, slipping in some, “What are your favorite sexual positions?” talk also helps out. There are definitely sexy ways to ask your partner how they like to be touched. It doesn’t have to be a stale conversation that happens stone faced while you’re sitting across from each other with food in between you. Keeping things light and flirty can turn you both on while you’re anticipating all the fun that will be happening later.

Sexting and building up the tension is hot, but if you psych yourself up too much and have these grand expectations, you have more of a likelihood of letting yourself down.

The Bustle article linked below has some really good ideas about how to get over that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling so that you can get down to the business at hand.

The best advice they give, IMHO, is keeping it simple and making the foreplay the star of the show.

You have got the rest of your life to do acrobatic moves in the bedroom. As much as you’re considering pulling out all the stops for your first time with your brand new fuck buddy, I’d say to keep that stuff in your back pocket for future escapades. The very first time you’re banging, there’s a lot of pressure without adding onto it with 17 different sexual positions and whatnot.

Foreplay can teach you so much about how your new partner likes to play in the bedroom. You can discover all their sensitive spots and store them in your memory bank for future get togethers. Talking about how things feel out loud will also be super helpful going forward. When you start that open line of dirty talking communication from jump, you’re more likely to continue it moving forward. That way, when you get to the point where you’re fulfilling fantasies, you can just let them rip, rather than holding back.

Do you have any other tips on easing the pre-bang anxiety? Let your fellow Peepz know in the comments below!

Source: Bustle

Image: Staci Carr in her first boy/girl scene, Banging the Ballerina by Brazzers

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