Architecture Gets Sexy

by Alpha Harlot on December 18, 2017

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I love when sex shows up in the craziest places. Miguel Bolivar is an architect in London who has been working on a side project for a few years. After making a client blush at the suggest of putting a lock on her bedroom door, he got the idea to write a book about sex positions based on architecture.

He titled his masterpiece Archisutra and it’s pretty amazing.

Each page spread includes text describing how the position can be attained, as well as the ability to maintain the position for an extended period of time.

Here is Get An Eiffel, which is obviously named after the Eiffel Tower:

…she begins by performing a handstand. He takes hold of her ankles to stop her falling as she lowers her abdomen onto his knees. He bends his knees slightly and holds onto her calves to give her a platform, as she grips her legs tightly around his thighs for stability

and here’s the Pompidou, which is also French:

…he lies with his back on the floor and his head raised. She lowers herself on to him, kneeling with her head at a 30 degree angle to his feet and her hands fixed to the ground at either side of his legs.
Best Practice: This position is best practiced on a smooth surface to avoid risk of injury.

This tongue-in-cheek, nerdy take on the kama sutra can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers all over the place. It’s a cheeky gift for the perv in your life who is good at taking directions and loves seeing drawings in scale.

Would you Peepz be excited to get this gift this year or would you be confused by all the measurements? Let me know in the comments!!

Source and Internal Images: Dezeen

Image: Lolly Ink in Tarps, Tools and Titties by Brazzers

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