Are People Having Sex With Mystical Fairies? Maybe!

by Calvin Clark on November 24, 2018

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According to an online survey 44% of people in the UK believe in fairies. Considering every work of fantasy has been set in a fictionalized version of ancient Europe that’s not too difficult to comprehend. Also 44% is also my rough estimate for the number of people in the UK who do hallucinogenic drugs.

My personal favorite fantasy book is the novelization of the movie Willow. In it there are mischievous brownies, or tiny wise-cracking goblins, who provide comic relieve and occasional small but heroic feats. If magical beings existed in nature this is how I would imagine them.

Meanwhile in the UK people not only believe fairies actually exist, but they see them while having sex outdoors. Hmm!

In his book, “Magical Folk: British & Irish Fairies,” Dr. Simon Young relates accounts from people who have seen fairies and some of the encounters are very sexual. Apparently the erotic images of Tinkerbell my weird uncle sometimes posts on Facebook are not too far from the truth.

One story in his book is from a couple who were having sex against a tree. While in the middle of their outdoor fucking they found themselves surrounded by small lights that they eventually recognized as fairies. The creatures watched the couple have sex because when you’re a few inches tall and made of light nothing is hotter than watching a couple of hairy titans bang each other.

As a North America the idea of fairies, gnomes, and other magic beings in nature just don’t appeal to me. That being said, I did always wonder how David the Gnome and his wife had sex. The rubbing of noses instead of kissing really threw me for a loop.

At any rate if you’re having sex in a forest and see sex-crazed magic nymphs that are trying to join in, you should probably do what they say. You’re also probably on drugs and living a much more exciting life than me, so anything discouraging I’ve said about your lifestyle is coming from a place of pure jealousy.

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