Are Sex Toys Safer Than Regular Toys? Maybe!

by RICK RODAY on February 12, 2017

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I read a tweet one time that said “anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough.” I’ve watched enough amateur bate videos on Pornhub to know there are some fearless souls out there, but people should also know their limits.

Weird insertions are simultaneously my favorite kind of amateur porn and, when they go awry, my favorite stories to write about. We’ve seen all manner people ending up in the emergency room after unsuccessfully MacGyvering an impromptu sex toy, and our reaction is always the same:

Just buy a dildo- they’re a lot safer!

Sex toys, even those marketed as novelty products for legal reasons, are typically designed with a purpose in mind. If you’re going to stick something inside of your body it reasonable to make sure you’re going to be able to pull it back out without having to make an embarrassing and painful drive to the emergency room.

Acccording to a study by the Swedish Chemical Agency sex toys may be even safer than we thought. Hmm!

The plastic used in adult toys was found to be significantly less likely to be toxic that of conventional toys. The SCA discovered that 15 percent of the children’s toys they tested contained banned materials verses only 2 percent of sex toys. Granted they obtained this result by testing three times as many toys for children, but that’s the nature of the beast considering the selection of children’s toys is a lot greater than those for adults.

Banned materials are those known to be toxic, and because of their low demand they’re also the cheapest for factories to buy and work with. The agency deduced that sex toys are typically produced by independent companies who have more control over their production, and are therefore more likely to secure safer raw materials.

Children’s toys, on the other hand, are manufactured by larger companies who commonly import parts and from subcontractors who often look to cut whatever corners they can.

We’re not sure what the SCA’s message behind this study is. They’re either warning people to be careful about the toys they buy or discouraging people from fucking them. Either way it’s useful information to bring up family parties, interventions, or wherever else you feel the need to defend your lifestyle.

Image: Kagney Linn Karter in The Connor O’Banyon Show by Brazzers


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