Artists Arrested Over 3D Vagina Art!

by RICK RODAY on July 16, 2014

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Anyone who has seen a Japanese porno on the internet knows that obscenity laws in Japan are pretty strict when it comes to vaginas. Penises often get a slide and while they are censored from movies and magazines, Japan still holds traditional fertility festivals that feature giant wooden dicks being paraded around town like a championship sports team.

Vaginas however are almost always censored even in the most hardcore porn only available to adults. This double standard has created a bit of a taboo associated with vaginas, and a 42-year-old artist named Megumi Igarashi wants to level the playing field.

Under the moniker Rokudenashiko, which roughly translates to “good-for-nothing girl,” Megumi has taken 3D images of her vagina and made the data available for people to make models using 3D printers.

In other news we can apparently download vaginas now. Checkmate.

She hopes this kind of art will “demystify” vaginas in a Japan and give female genitalia their season in the sun. Rokudenashiko even used a 3D printing of her bits to create a piece of art by using a model of her genitals as the landscape for a diorama featuring workers attempting to control a leak at a nuclear power plant.



Unfortunately for Igarashi, after she collected about 1 million yen in donations in exchange for the 3D image of her vagina, police accused her of distributing obscene imagery and placed her under arrest. Hmph!

Megumi Igarashi maintains that her art is not obscene and simply seeks to point out that the vagina is overly hidden in Japanese society. She told reporters that she “did not know what a pussy should look like,” primarily because she hasn’t seen one on the internet and probably isn’t flexible enough to look at her own.

Political commentators were quick to rush to the artist’s defense. They noted that authorities didn’t hesitate to drop the hammer on this vagina art but turn a blind eye when giant penis statues are erected on the streets.


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