Asphyxia Noir & Danny Wylde Are My New Fav Pornstar Couple

by Lola Byrd on January 10, 2014

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Pornstar couples are especially fascinating because having already seen them have sex on screen it becomes that much easier to imagine what it looks when they get together in the privacy of their own bedroom. It speaks to the voyeur in all of us. It’s titillating. It’s scandalous. It’s downright adorable.

We all know that porn isn’t a good yardstick for real life sex. The angles, for one, are all wrong. Pornstars fuck for the camera, but pornstar couples fuck each other because they’re in love. I don’t care how cynical or jaded you are, there’s no denying that genuine love and attraction makes sex that much more interesting. And one of the reasons why pornstar couples are so interesting is because we yearn to see that for ourselves.

I’ve had a few favorite pairs over the years. Most notably, Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara, as well as Stoya and James Deen. Oh, and let’s not forget Lily Labeau and Danny Wylde. Err, scratch that, those two broke up and Danny is currently dating dark haired beauty Asphyxia Noir and although I mourn the love he had with Lily Labeay, I’m pretty jazzed about this new pornstar couple.

I love love love Asphyxia Noir. I love the way she looks and I love her style. The first time I saw her, back in May 2011, I didn’t even know her name. I referred to her as a Mia Wallace look-a-like when I saw her in a Sex & Submission (Kink) scene with James Dean. In no time at all, she became a staff favorite.

The fact that Noir is dating Danny Wylde is thrilling because he happens to be one of my top 3 favorite male pornstars. I was crushed when Danny announced, last November, that he was retiring from porn because of health concern regarding the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. It’s common practice for male pornstars to use performance enhancing drugs, not because they can’t get it up, but so they can meet the demands of the job: a rock hard erection that will not quit.

Unfortunately there are some pretty serious side effects associated with the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. For Danny, it was a question of stop now or risk never being able to have an erection again. It wasn’t easy, but the choice he had to make was clear. Read more about Danny’s journey on his own blog.

The last porn scene Danny filmed was with Asphyxia Noir. Soon after, the two started dating and, although, Danny won’t be filming anymore mainstream porn he’s still interested in low-key erotic projects, which brings me to today’s video magic. What we’ve got here, courtesy of YouTube, is the cutest real life sex intro video evah!

Danny Wylde and Asphyxia Noir Make Love Not Porn! Teaser video might not have any sex in it (it’s just the teaser, guys), but it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. It’s very candid and authentic. It shows us a side we seldom see of these two performers and the result is stunning and beautiful.

Check out the video:

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