Seen any good movies lately? I have. I’ve been taking myself to the movies every weekend for the past month. Friends ask why I’m always going by myself. I tell them I need the alone time, but it’s more complicated than that.

People don’t realize how many young, single men go to the movies by themselves. They are always so many! So I get there early and pick whatever action movie happens to be playing, no matter how shitty it looks. Then I sit by myself in the very back and wait. The feeling is always a bit scary, a bit uncomfortable. Sitting in a dark room with male strangers all around you. Nobody to help if you needed it.

I like to watch them come in, look for a good seat, maybe give me a glance. As the previews start I wonder what they might do if I made my way down to their row, quietly sat next to them, reached for their cock, got on my knees and took them in my mouth… If we started fucking on the floor.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I love masturbating in movie theaters. It’s my new favorite thing.



Alone in my room after our night of strip club fun with my brother and his frat bro friends (read the first part here) I thought about what I was about to do. I took off my clothes and headed for the the living room where my new friends Mitch and Chris had their sleeping bags.

Mitch was in the bathroom. I pulled Chris out of bed and dragged him back to my room. “Don’t tell (my little brother’s name) about this,” I warned him as I shoved his head down between my legs.

His muffled response sounded like he said he wouldn’t  but his tongue was in my pussy so fast I didn’t really hear. And then I didn’t really care because it felt so fucking good. He was making me cum in less than a minute (and here I thought frat brothers suck at sex).

After moaning and gripping the sheets I opened my eyes and saw Mitch in the doorway stroking his cock. Chris waved him in.



Last week my little brother and two of his fraternity brothers crashed at my place. They go to law school in the middle of nowhere and came here for spring break, which I don’t get. It’s still winter. We just got a foot of snow. These college bros could have been staring at tan lined asses in sunny Florida but instead they came  here for a week of freezing their balls off. Crazy kids.

Anyway, the second to last night they were here my little brother hooked up with a random girl and fell in “love,” abandoning his bros and leaving them alone with me for their last night in the city.

So I took the boys to a strip club. Three strip clubs, actually. Mitch and Chris were totally psyched. Sure, they had been to titty bars back at school but never to anything like what our fine city has to offer: overpriced vodka cocktails and bare naked ladies. I learned Mitch came from money and Chris wanted to drop out. I learned they were both on the rowing team.

We got hammered. We got lap dances. We even got a private dance, where a tiny little thing named Lily pumped her pussy with three fingers to a dubstep beat just for us.

After that I figured I better get these boys home. I had behaved myself all night – didn’t even think about touching my little brother’s buddies (well… maybe I thought about it a little). So I wanted to get into bed before I fucked it up. I behaved myself in the cab, wedged between their big muscled up rower bods, even though my pussy was wet and ready.

I even behaved myself when we got into the apartment, telling them I had a fun night and that I’d see them in the morning.

But then it all went wrong…

(To Be Continued)

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In my last entry I was telling you guys about running into an old sex buddy/coworker/douchebag who I hadn’t seen in a long time. I hated him so much when we worked/slept together all those years ago. And I hated him just as much when I ran into him. But it made me so so so horny to see him again, and after masturbating to his memory for a few days I decided I better take him up on his offer to “hang out or whatever” sometime. I owed it to my poor wet pussy.

To my surprise he lives right in my neighborhood! The fucker. Doesn’t he know that this is MY hood and he’s not welcome? But thank god he’s a boring pretentious doucehbag who stays inside all the time, so I’ve never ran into him at the cafes or grocery store. His apartment had all the same furniture I remembered from fucking him all those years ago. As soon as I got inside he pulled off my coat, kissed and my neck and bent me over right then and there.



I’ve been extremely horny lately, loyal readers. And not in a nice way. I need to get fucked and fucked hard. I need to get pinned down and slapped. All week long I’ve been fucking myself with every toy I own, cumming four or five times a day. But I still keep waking up in the middle of the night with a wet pussy and a filthy fantasy running through my head.

I think it’s because I ran into an old fuck buddy last week. “Buddy” isn’t really the right word, though. This guy is an asshole. I fucking hate him. We worked in retail together a few years back. Even though we had the same job and got paid the same he liked to think he was the boss of me. He criticized every little thing I did and wanted me to do things his way.

It drove me crazy.

We started hate fucking each other on the regular thanks to happy hour drinking. It was a good way to get my frustration out on him. I would ride him and grab his hair, yelling at him to fuck my pussy deeper and harder and calling him a motherfucker. And he would respond by bossing me around even more than he did at work – telling me to spread my legs, suck his cock. I liked his bossiness better in the bedroom.

Anyway, last week I ran into him on the subway. I tried to act like I didn’t see him but he came right over and said hi. He was really rude and nosey, asking me if I was still with so-and-so, if I still worked in porn. He was still so annoying! I just wanted to drag him off the subway and into my apartment so I could fuck him. But he jumped off at the next stop, leaving me mad and horny.

When I got home I punished my pussy for an hour. But it’s not enough! I might need to get a hold of this douchebag and fuck like old times.

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Last week I bumped into my younger neighbor while we were both getting our mail. He said he was having a birthday party at the pub down the street and I should come if I wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t doing anything, and because I had spent the whole day in bed watching porn and having cyber sex with random dudes, I decided it might be a good idea to go talk to some real people.

But first I looked up my neighbor online.  It said he was in a relationship… but I saw his gf moving out of their apartment last week. From his photos I also saw he had a lot of hot friends. I decided to wear my tightest, tittiest dress over white lacey shorts and a push-up bra.

When I got to the pub there was hardly anyone there and no hot neighbor in sight. I looked at my phone and realized it was only 7:30. It gets dark so early these days that it always feels later than it is. I hung around and chatted with the bartender, drank a few pints of cider and then around 9:00 cute neighbor guy showed up.

By then I was a bit tipsy so after I bought him a drink and a shot I dragged him to a corner booth where we talked and then kissed.



As most of you know I work in porn. People are always asking me what it’s like working here, like if I get to sit around naked and masturbating all day (I wish) or if I’ve fucked all my coworkers (only like 10%). But the truth is things are pretty conservative around here, like in any other office. We have a dress code. We make chit chat by the water cooler. It’s like after your first week of working here you forget there’s images of naked people fucking on everyone’s computers and just do your job.

But sometimes we do things that other workplaces probably wouldn’t  The fact that everyone who works here is so comfortable with sex makes for some interesting office parties. In the case of this week’s Sex Diary, I’m talking about last week’s company holiday party.

The invitation said to dress semi-formal so I slipped on my black thigh high stockings, spiked stilettos and a sparkly dress that clings to my ass in a very inviting way. My pussy had been wet all day for some reason, and I wanted to buzz one out before heading out but I was already late.

I hailed a cab to the party which was in a fancy hotel. I then guzzled about four or five vodka cranberries and schmoozed. How I got from laughing with my boss’s boss to comparing clits with his secretary in the women’s bathroom is a mystery. I had never actually talked to her before that night, but we’ve seen one another around and I’ve always thought she was sexy. She sat me up on the bathroom sink and lifted up my dress. She grinded her pussy against mine, making me crazy and even wetter. Someone was jiggling the doorknob and trying to get in, so she told me her boss got a room in the hotel upstairs and we giggled our way up there.

There were other work people already partying in the room when we got there so we had to settle for sneaking kisses and ass grabs when they weren’t looking.  We were kissing the room’s bathroom when her boss, aka my boss’s boss, walked in. I was terrified and pretty sure I was about to be fired, but he just laughed and closed the door. Even so his secretary was shook up and split, leaving me wet and horny. When I saw her on Monday she acted really shy. It was adorable and makes me want to fuck her even more. Maybe at the next party!

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Hey sexy readers!  It’s the beginning of a new season here. Everybody is hiding indoors. No more sweaty parties or really going out or doing anything. My tan is gone and I’m dragging my pale ass to work every day in a huge parka. Not so fun.

But one thing winter has going for it is the sex. Yes readers, as usual I’m trying my darndest to make things better by focusing on the fucking. It’s part of my job after all! So when I felt that winter slump coming on – that kind of bummed out, tired feeling where I just want to wrap myself up in a big blanket and nap – I made sure to find someone to share my big blanket. And we have not been napping.

My snowed-in fuck buddy is an ex-fling who I guess is flinging with me again. He’s a frat boy I met in college a couple years ago… Come to think of it, last time we were hooking up it was also winter. Maybe we have a seasonal attraction to each other’s genitals.



Nobody loves this time of year more than me. It’s cold enough to wear my favourite sexy stockings every day, but still warm enough to show a bit of boob. And of course, there’s Halloween. The boobiest holiday of them all! The only boob approved holiday, actually. Everybody knows Halloween is the sluttiest day of the year.

Every October I try to decide between being sexy or scary. It’s such a tough decision! Both are so much fun. I love fake blood and vampire fangs but I also love short skirts and latex. So this year I’ve decided to be a zombie cheerleader so I can be a bit of both. I’ve got the knee socks and the pom poms, now all I need is an itty bitty skirt and some kind of shirt.

Usually I don’t leave it to the last minute like this, but I’ve been super busy watching porn and masturbating and all that good stuff. Last year I bought my costume in August, in the middle of a heat wave. 2011 was a year for the sexy – I was your classic naughty nurse.

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Hey guys! I’m writing this entry with an ice pack on my knee. I banged it up a couple nights ago. It was supposed to be a boring night, but as you’ve probably learned by now my boring nights sometimes turn into crazy nights. I went to my friend’s photography show at some gallery in the middle of nowhere. I had to take two buses to get there.

It was in a sketchy part of town and there were a couple creeps on the bus, but luckily my sexy black dress was hidden under a big coat so I didn’t draw too much interest. That’s one good thing about the weather changing – I get to layer sexy things under cozy things.

Anyway, I got to the gallery safe and sound and ready to ditch the coat. I handed it over to the cute coat check guy. I started drinking. Free wine will bring me pretty much anywhere – even to a room full of blown up photographs of my friend’s ass, pussy and tits. To be honest I was a little jealous of all the attention she was getting. Her self portraits aren’t that great, but she has a bangin’ bod that everyone was enjoying staring at. I was shocked to see her so up close and personal, but after a few glasses of wine it was fun.

A few hours later I was on my way out the door, just had to pick up my coat from coat check. The coat check dude started asking me about my friend’s pictures. He told me they made him horny.

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