Bang Before You Sleep and Rest Easy

by Alpha Harlot on December 15, 2017

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The very last thing that I do every night before I go to sleep is make out with my wife. That’s our routine. We lay in bed and do other things before hand, sometimes we have sex and sometimes we talk about stupid shit that happened at work. Other times we tickle each other until we’re crying and laughing so hard that the neighbors start banging on the ceiling.

Passionately kissing my babe is enough to wear me out and tire me out. Orgasms are an added bonus, but it’s not something that we do on a daily basis. During the week we’re usually too tired to get down, but maybe it’s time for us to go back to making time for love every night of the week.

Dr. Michele Lastella is an Australian sleep researcher who has uncovered that 64% of people sleep better when they have an orgasm before they go to sleep. The way she figures it, if you put down your screens and interact with your partner on a physical level, you’re more likely to be rested in the morning. The catch is that both partners have to orgasm to receive the full benefits of the hormone oxytocin.

My wife has been sleeping all crazy for the past few weeks. We both had this crazy cold and she thinks that the medicine in giving her lucid dreams. I think that I may try Dr. Lastella’s theory and knock her out with some pussy licking before bed tonight. I’ll report back on twitter and let you Peepz know how we made out.

Do you cum before bed or are orgasms part of your morning routine? Hit me up in the comments and let me know when your favorite time to get off is.

Here’s a clip of Kandace Kayne waking up and looking flawless while she sucks on some cock.

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