Banging on the Bus

by Alpha Harlot on March 18, 2017

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Little known Harlot fact: I am terrified of public transportation. I got lost on the subway in New York City once when I was 17 and that same panic of not being able to find my way home sets in as soon as I jump on a bus or a train on my way to somewhere unfamiliar. I mean, I’ll ride on trains long distances all day long, so I guess it might be the frequent stops that bother me so much. I’m always worried that I’ll get off where I’m not supposed to and end up farther from my destination.

I think that if sex on buses was happening, I’d be less worried about where I get off because I’d be, well…getting off, I guess.

Like this MoFo’s clip. It’s basically the reason that leggings are my favorite type of non-pants pants.

A couple in Australia was caught red handed dry humping in public on a transit bus. Since she’s seen in the video taking a swig of a beer, I’m going to guess that there was more alcohol involved in their antics prior to the public lap dance. She even pulls her tit out for a minute so that her fuck buddy can give it a little kiss. Everything is blurred out, because people are prudes and anonymity and privacy are sacred.

It’s still hella sexy to me. Have a peek at the short clip that another passenger filmed.

I’m interested in your reactions Peepz. What would you do if you saw a couple grinding on each other on the bus while you were commuting to work?

I have a feeling that I’d end up wiggling around in my panties for a little but and saving the visual in my memory for a spank bank session at home later that evening.

Source: Daily Mail

Image: Brooke Wylde The Boobs on the Bus Go Round by Brazzers

  • BDY

    I’ve seen plenty of grabass and shenanigans on the drunk trains leaving Chicago 1030pm and later. No one has gone all out to date but you do see some skin here and there. Don’t think I’d be cool with someone going all out like the vids. To many variables with people and possible kids walking in on it.

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