Bella Hadid Nipples So You’ll Take Her Modelling Seriously

There’s no denying that Kendall, Kylie, Ireland, Hailey, Gigi, and Bella – you know, the children of famous people – are all gorgeous as fuck, but would these people have modelling careers if they had just walked off the street and into a modelling agency?

*Do people still do that? Walk into a modelling agency or is everything handled over Instagram these days?*

Probs, not. There are a lot of gorgeous people out there and getting booked by what’s-his-face for what’s-his-name is harder than it looks.

You used to have to give Terry Richardson a blow job if you wanted to make it as a model, these days you just have to be the child of a billionaire and/or have a buttload of followers online to make it in the industry.

Where are photographers getting their blowjobs now, huh? Where? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE! You can’t expect Uncle Bad Touch to date like a normal dude, that’s just not how it works.

Bella Hadid has never had to suck on some dude’s knob to book a gig. No one should have to suck on some dude’s knob to book a gig, but I’m all for equal treatment. If the pretty girl from the backwoods of Florida needs to get on her knees to make it as a model, I don’t see why the Hadids and the Jenners should get special treatment.

This shoot has some boob and nip, so I’m somewhat mollified. I’m not ready to get my pitchfork yet. Yet, I say.

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  • I thought you had to go through this whole casting process and there’s a couch and the interviewer puts it in your butt. That’s what pornhub has taught me.

    • That’s for movies, photos is blowjobs.

      • I need to become a photographer. Also, I thought Bella Hadid didn’t have nipples?

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