Bella Thorne & Scott Disick Dating Is The Weirdest Thing Ever!

by Lola Byrd on May 27, 2017

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I’ve never seen an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but I’ve seen a million Scott Disick GIFs on Buzzfeed and although I’ve definitely never seen an episode of Shake It Up! I’ve been able to determine that that’s the name of the Disney show that launched Bella Thorne’s career.

I tried googling an image from Shake It Up! to show you guys how Bella looked back then, but she’s so young on that show I feel like posting any picture from that time period is likely to get me arrested. If you want to google “Bella Thorne Before & After Plastic Surgery,” though, you’ll find lots of compare and contrast images.

Basically, Bella Thorne is the new Miley Cyrus. She’s all over the gram and the interwebz taking off her clothes, doing funky things with her hair and generally just trying to shed her Disney persona. It’s working, because all the porny celeb blogs are all about Bella these days.

As for Scott Disick, you may know him as The Lord or Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy. Those two had a pretty public breakup a couple years ago and now he’s dating Bella Thorne or at least sexing her up on a daybed in Cannes. It’s the weirdest thing.

To put things in perspective, Scott is 33-years-old while Bella is 19-years old. Sure, it’s not as big of an age difference as Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden, who were 51-years-old and 16-years-old at the time of their wedding. The age difference isn’t even what’s so weird about this. It’s just so out of left field.

Do they have anything in common? What do they talk about?! I can’t even.

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