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by MB on June 4, 2014

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Welcome friends to another show here on Peeperz Radio! Our guest today became a worldwide sensation after it was revealed to her Duke classmates that she was doing adult film work to pay her tuition. Since then she has attracted death threats, ample praise and support, and a throng of curiosity seekers. We are very happy to have the adorable Belle Knox as our guest! Also we want to remind you of our other recent interviews with the dirty girl next door Aaliyah Love as well as our visit with legendary photographer and web giant Suze Randall. All our interviews are free to download so by all means load them onto your devices!

Belle Knox has been all over the mainstream news in the past several months after she was outed by a fellow Duke University classmate and total douche-bag. Her life has been a topsy-turvy blur since then as she has appeared on CNN, Huff Post and countless other mainstream news programs. Everyone seems to have an opinion about a pornstar attending a major university, as if the two are or should be mutually exclusive. On the one side of the fence you have the haters, a group of people that for unknown reasons think its appropriate to shame Belle into leaving Duke University and even threaten her with physical violence.

On the other side of the same fence there are hoards of fans and regular people who have applauded her for her courage to continue her studies despite the threats etc. Consider us here at Peeperz on the latter side. The US has been particularly focused on misogyny in the recent weeks ever since some worthless egomaniac thought the world owed him pussy and decided to shoot up a bunch of people like a whining baby with a gun. This event and the shaming of Belle Knox has only proven that sexism is still alive and well. We had hoped that praising men for sexual conquests while alternately berating women for the same behavior was behind us. Sadly as Belle’s situation points out this has not occurred.

Belle’s earliest films included scenes for Facial Abuse, and for Fucked Hard 18. Belle talks with MB at length about these first few scenes, her expectations of what adult films would be like and what she found to be true. She also discusses with MB about her outing at Duke, the impact it has had on her life and how it might affect her plans for the future. She has aspirations to get a law degree and she has also agreed to be an intern over the summer for Pornhub. Also just announced is an online reality series entitled “The Sex Factor” in which the winner will receive a cool million dollars and a chance to star in a  scene with Belle. Bigtime! This ought to be very interesting indeed.

She tells MB about her yet unfulfilled onscreen fantasies and even relays one in graphic detail involving Sasha Grey and a strap-on. Phew! (Wipes brow) Belle was also refreshingly candid when she discusses her personal/sex life, a long lost love and what she is looking for in a man. Belle is a very bright, insightful woman who just happens to crank out mess-worthy scenes.

We here at Peeperz would like to remind everyone that its possible for all these attributes to be contained within the same person. So tune in, get turned on and check out the adorable Belle Knox!

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