Best Christina Aguilera Upskirts/Nipslips

by Bucky Beall on December 17, 2010

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In honor of Miley Cyrus (probably) coming to work with us. It’s Disney Teen Pop Princesses Gone Wild Day here at Peeperz! Did you know the Disney Corporation bought Christina Aguilera from an orphanage that specializes in kids with terrible diseases, so nobody else wants them?

Since Aguilera was born with 6-12 stds inherited from her prostitute mother, they were able to buy her extra cheap. They then put her to work on tv on The Mickey Mouse Club and then as a teen she did music for their movie Mulan. After XXXtina slept with every male and almost every female Disney employee and infected them with her superclap, she proved to be a liability – so they cut her loose. She’s spent the last ten years fucking everything in sight, showing us her tits and vag, and apparently releasing albums. Here’s a list of her greatest hits.

5. White underwear? The mix of her garbage pussy juice, strangers jizz, and shit dribbling from her prolapsed ass means it doesn’t stay white for long.

4. I use to fuck a chick with pierced nipples. She said the ring made her nipple hard, like all the time. You could wear a bra so people don’t notice or your could just walk around in a see-thru tee with your pierced tittie for all the see.

3. Here she is at the unveiling of her star on the walk of fame, the perfect way to honor the day is to show the world your panties. Might as well show off to the world how you actually got that star huh?

2. These are my favorite sort of nipslips. In the biz they’re called a “TaraReid” – it’s when some famous chick is blundering around some prestigious event with their boobs just hanging out.

1. A fine no-panty upskirt shot folks. There it is, there’s her snizz.

See all of Christina’s nude scenes at!

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