Bianca Mihoc Poses Nude & Raises Everyone’s Quality Of Life

by Lola Byrd on March 15, 2017

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I had a whole intro planned for this post, but then I forgot it. Every. Single. Word. Gone. I hate it when that happens. There I was doing the dishes and I thought of something brilliant I wanted to write. It was all composed in my head and then when I finally got to my laptop it all disappeared. Not a trace left.

Wait a minute while I look for an excuse… right, let’s say that upon staring at Bianca Mihoc beauty I was struck dumb and all the words were gone. Bye bye words.

Clearly my brain was made of spongy cheese before I ever set eyes on Bianca Mihoc (see all my previous posts for proof), but that doesn’t mean her beauty is any less dangerous for those of you who still have a brain left to strike dumb.

One look at Bianca and you might lose all conscious thought. Forget trying to impress your friends with all your scholarly language and intellectual theories. You’ll be lucky if you remember to keep your jaw shut to stop the flow of drool.

I just looked up the photographer and of course it’s David Bellemere. The guy is a genius. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a magicien, because he makes all of his models approximately ten times more attractive.

I didn’t say ten times more beautiful, because, for example, Bianca is beautiful all the time no matter who the photographer is, but David Bellemere has made her ten times more enticing. I don’t just look at these pictures and think she’s beautiful, I look at these pictures and want to touch her.

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  • Zach Becvar

    Huh, what…? Sorry, I got distracted staring at picture number 7.

    • That’s a good one to loose your soul to.

  • I’m not sure that Bianca knows how to sit in chairs

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