That’s A Whole Lot Of Big Ass

Big asses are in vogue. We’re obsessed with them. We don’t care if it’s Sophie Turner or Kate Moss. We want them bigger and higher and tighter than ever. We want to spank them, slap them, fuck them, paddle and bite them.

Taschen is publishing its fourth installment in Dian Hanson’s body parts series and it’s all about ass. The Big Butt Book is 400 photos of the tightest, biggest and everything in between sized asses out there, all in a glossy coffee table format. Perfect for grandma to leaf through when she’s waiting for you.

Our ass excitement led us to hours of porn watching research to find a perfectly tanned, apple shaped ass. That’s where Naomi Russell came in. There’s oil, shaking cheeks and hard pounding. Those are the major components to any good anal shot. Let’s get one thing clear. Naomi’s ass was fucking that cock. That cock wasn’t fucking her ass.

Naomi Russell: Hottest Ass Fucking brought to you by PornHub

If that clip didn’t fulfill your ass wanking needs, then check out the pictures from The Big Butt Book. Or go out and buy your very own. At least it’s not one of those books with all those pesky words in it.