Bizarre Arty Nudes From “Game Of Thrones” Actress

by Calvin Clark on November 9, 2015

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Even people not into trolls and dragons and such dig HBO’s Game of Thrones. Maybe because it’s chock full of sex, violence, great acting, intricate plot, sex, fucking, copulating, nudity, naked people, chicks getting it on with other chicks, midgets fucking whores, and did I mention the sex?

Chances are you’re already a fan, if you’re not you should check it out, but this post may not be your best introduction or maybe it’s the perfect intro? One of the stars of the show Gwendoline Christie (she plays the woman knight Brienne) did a series of nude photos. Awesome. Although the pics are weird as fuck, also Gwendoline is a giant and is not your conventional hottie.

Whatever, I’d tap it. She could pick me up and stuff the whole of me into her vag as her human dildo and I’d love it. Get an eyeful of sexystrange in the gallery and stick around for a bonus video from Pornhub of some GoT fucking (not starring Gwendoline unfortunately):

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