Bonnie Rotten’s Cumback Dropped and I’m Psyched

by Alpha Harlot on September 10, 2018

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I’ve been excited about this moment for months, Peepz. Bonnie Rotten is back with an exclusive Brazzers contract and she’s about to plow her way through a year’s worth of content. When I saw that Brazzers had finally dropped a trailer, I had to leave my desk at work and head to the bathroom with my headphones so that I could check out the goods.

My twitter DMs have been buzzing about this lady since my last post about her triumphant return and now that it is upon us, I don’t think it’s going to stop.

Here’s the SFW trailer Brazzers posted on Youtube just to give you a little taste:

Are you as psyched as I am to watch this dirty girl get filthy again? I’m loving her blonde hair and the sassy look that she always throws the camera when she is about to say something obnoxiously sexy.

She’s performed for Brazzers before, but this time around, she’s upping her intensity and her pussy is going in for the kill. Doing a DP her first scene back? That’s unheard of…but it’s also exactly what I’ve been missing from my porno diet.

Here’s a 10 minute clip that from the Cumback video that they posted on PornHub for all of us to enjoy on PornHub. I’d totally suggest you head over to the Brazzers website to see the whole shabang though. It’s totally worth every penny.

What do you Peepz think? Have you shot your load over Bonnie recently? Let me know in the comments!!

Image: Bonnie Rotten the Cumback by Brazzers

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