Boobies Make Going To The Denist A-Ok!

by Bucky Beall on January 24, 2011

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When German dentist Marie-Catherine Klarkowski went to Oktoberfest, she noticed how all the men were ogling the servers boobies revealed by the traditional outfits. Being a genius she realized two things 1. Tits take men’s mind off anything…anything! 2. Guys will go where the boobies are. Armed with this information she revved up her dentist practice by having all the female staff  (including herself) wear the cleavagy costumes at work everyday as their new office uniforms.

After putting in her boob showing policy, her practice saw an increase of customers (all men, naturally), plus she discovered that having breasticals on display distracted the patients from the pain of dental procedures. Titty magic, yo!

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