Breaking the Video Game Sex Taboo

by RICK RODAY on March 21, 2015

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the kingdom is in danger. The princess, a nubile young vixen that resembles an elven version of Tori Black, asks you to slay some evil scoundrels and bring peace back to her country. After several days of grueling battle, your grim-faced hero returns battered but triumphant; in gratitude, she sinks to her knees and breathlessly offers to give you a… bag of gold and her sincerest thanks. The gate slams shut and you’re on your way to the next quest.

Fortunately for those of us who prefer a happier ending in our fantasy lives, developers are beginning to shrug off the long-standing assumption that games must maintain a strictly PG-13 rating. Titles like the recently released Millennium War: Aigis feature a host of fantasy companions who are as fierce in the bedroom as they are in the battlefield, and the game isn’t afraid to show them getting down and dirty with the hero.

This trend has begun to creep into big budget titles as well, with games such as CD Projekt’s upcoming The Witcher III promising to deliver some seriously sexy fantasy content, if previous entries in the series are any guide.

Will we ever see well-known Pornstars make an appearance in gaming? It might be in the works. Online portal has tweeted about their ongoing talks with studios such as Brazzers, Mofos, and Digital Playground to create Japanese-style adult games featuring popular western performers – but until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with the work of talented (if slightly insane) people who spend their time making Warcraft porn.

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