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by Alpha Harlot on May 8, 2018

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Want to know a secret that’s not really a secret? My day job is working in a library. I spend 40 hours a week thumbing through ancient texts that turn my fingers red with book rot so that i can gather as much data about them as possible and create spreadsheets from that data.

It may not seem like it’s a very exciting gig, but it’s basically my dream job. Books are my life and they have been since I was a kid. For some perspective, I’ve already read 51 books in 2018. My goal is to break 150 by New Year’s Eve. I’m pretty sure it’s doable as long as I stay the course.

My first kiss took place in between a few shelves of books in the town where I grew up. Maybe that’s why I am always thinking about finding a secret fuck spot every time I end up in a new library. I love the idea of holding onto bookshelves and feeling pages on my knuckles while I’m getting finger fucked from behind. Even if you aren’t as into books as I am, you’ve got to think the finger fucking is a good idea, right?

I have this fascination with getting down and dirty in the stacks. There are so many places in my library that would be perfect for a romp. While there are security cameras all over the place, I’ve seen the monitors so I know what spots are hidden from everyone’s view. Sometimes I think it would be hot to sneak into the library with my wife at like 6 in the morning, before anyone shows up for work. I’m so tempted to just walk around naked and get off all over the place.

Couples in the UK seems to have similar fantasies.

Cameras were just installed all over the Lord Louis Library on the Isle of Wight after a couple got caught shagging in the stacks. A council person for the town said that they have had occasional instances of indecency and that they are hoping the new cameras will deter people from getting it on in public.

I can understand why people aren’t cool with public sex. I mean, if it wasn’t so taboo, I feel like people wouldn’t want to do it all the time, right? Part of the excitement is in the possibility that you might get caught. It is very funny to me though that it took so long for cameras to be installed…and that sex was the reason why they decided to get them.

BangBros doesn’t shy away from library sex either. Here’s a clip from their PornHub account with some library sex to help you out with a visual.

Does fucking in a library turn you on? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on twitter with your stories.

Source: BBC

Image: Missy Martinez Licking In the Library by Brazzers

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