Bumper Cars: Sex Position Of The Day

by Joy Topaz on March 9, 2010

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We seem to be running a theme lately of positions that could be potentially harmful to those with dicks. To be honest, we’re a little worried about the guy in this scene in more ways than one. At first we thought he might be dead, which was alarming. Then we thought he was unconscious or at the very least, heavily tranquilized. Maybe Little Caprice has abducted this poor soul and keeps him in a room beneath her stairs to oil up and engage in strange sex positions at her whim when all he really wants is a fucking hamburger.

You’ll find the Bumper Cars at 2:02. Obviously not the easiest pose to get into. When pornstars giggle and find a position awkward, it doesn’t look good for the rest of us. But hope there is! This position is doable. Focus on getting there. It’s a good idea to prep your partner and yourself with an inordinate amount of lube. Little Caprice and Overdose got that part right. It makes it easier if skin can easily glide over skin.

Both partners should lie on their stomachs, facing away from one another. The man’s thighs should be on top of his partners. Obviously his dick will be angled down. Bumper Cars will work best if the female partner maneuvers the dick inside of her – during this time the only movement the guy should make is forward or back. Both partners should be in a push up ready position with backs slightly arched.

Let the writhing begin!

Maintaining is half the fun. Very little movement needs to take place as the tightness of this position does a lot of the work. Just watching the way Overdose’s balls slide up and down Little Caprice’s ass is almost too much to take.

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