Bunny Ranch To Accept Bitcoin As Payment For Sex

by Calvin Clark on January 14, 2019

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Anyone who has used the internet in the last five years has probably heard of Bitcoins. I first read about the internet-based cryptocurrency five years ago when a friend suggested I purchase some at the rate of about 50 dollars apiece. Years later the value of the currency would multiply many times over and those same Bitcoins would have been worth $20,000 at one point in late 2017.

I really should have bought some. C’est la vie.

Despite Bitcoins and other digital assets being all the rage, the fact of the matter is there isn’t a whole lot you can do with them until you sell them for regular money. When the value of single BTC started fluctuating by hundreds of dollars in a single day, many stores stopped accepting the currency as payment. With millions of people sitting on piles of cash they can’t spend, one business saw an opportunity.

The owner of America’s most famous brothel announced they would be accepting the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. In late 2018, The Bunny Ranch in Nevada began accepting Bitcoin as payment for their services. Cool!

From what I have gathered by reading about Bitcoin over the hour before I wrote this post, most of them are being held by sweaty dudes surrounded by specialized computers. These Bitcoin millionaires have been sitting on troves of the currency, slaving over hot mining hardware and waiting for years to celebrate this very moment. What better demographic to openly invite to your house full of prostitutes.

If you, like me, were too stupid to buy into Bitcoin early you can always hope to get a job being a professional prostitute tester. While this may not be as satisfying as pioneering one of our generations biggest new financial markets and hiring high end escorts with your profits, getting paid to have sex with gorgeous German prostitutes to maintain quality control might be a close second.

It’s worth nothing that this probably isn’t the first time someone has used BTC as payment to get laid.

Before it was the talking point of every news story and talk show, Bitcoins were heavily associated with illegal exchanges on the dark web. With their heavy security and anonymous nature, transactions using cryptocurrencies are nearly impossible to trace back to their source making them perfect for doing illegal things, like buying sex in a country where prostitution is illegal.

However, now that you can use them to have sex in a totally legal way, those of you holding on to your BTC stockpiles can now relieve some stress associated with watching the value of your wallet fluctuate violently.

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