Busted Cruising In Car Pool Lane With Sex Doll Riding Shotgun

by RICK RODAY on September 30, 2018

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I grew up in Southern California but spent a lot of my childhood visiting family throughout Arizona. Thanks to a couple prestigious universities that also happened to be well-known party schools, the state has experienced very rapid growth over the last few decades. For whatever reason, many of the people who move there to attend their backup college decide to stay.

This is at least my personal opinion as to why the traffic has gotten so bad in big cities like Phoenix.

The rapidly growing population throughout Arizona combined with the fact that average temperatures equal those of the sun’s surface make being stuck in Phoenix traffic especially brutal. With everyone trying their best to wiggle through the congestion as quickly as possible, it’s only inventible that some of them will resort to less than ethical driving practices. Like using a sex doll to travel in an HOV lane while traveling alone. Hmm!

This was apparently what one Phoenix motorist resorted to when he was busted with a life-size doll resembling a sexy woman in the passenger seat of his car. Maybe he was just trying to take it on a nice date?

A while back we read about a community of sex doll enthusiasts in Japan who were so in love with their sex dolls, that they bought them expensive gifts and took them on dates. One such man was so attached to his doll that he chose to sleep in a bed with it instead of his own wife. When asked why, he claimed the doll provided him with a level of emotional support that his fleshy wife couldn’t.

Over the last year I’ve read dozens of stories about sex dolls, robots, and even people who wanted to be them. All these articles narrowed in on the idea that we may be facing a future where men and women may choose to take artificial sexual partners instead of human ones. The reasons vary between either for convenience or out of necessity, but this man from Arizona and his newly acquired traffic citation raise an interesting point.

Choosing a sex doll over a human companion won’t help you beat traffic.

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Image: Alicia Amira in There’s A Porn Star In My Car! by Brazzers

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