Canadian Rail Company Fires Conductor Over Sexy Pictures

by RICK RODAY on February 7, 2018

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I’ve always admired Canada. Not only does their milk come in easy to transport bags, they’ve always been a little bit more sexually progressive than the rest of North America. Though many Canadians may be quick to point out they still have a way to go, their views on sexual education and slightly less illegal stance on prostitution are noteworthy.

However, there are still individual entities within the country that are just as prudish as those of their American counterparts. Take the Canadian Pacific Railway, for example.

When train conductor Stephanie Katelnikoff first made the news, it was for her involvement in a derailment that resulted in her being dismissed from CP Railway. She would later be reinstated when it was discovered she was also fired due to a sexual harassment complaint she had filed. Now she’s once again being dismissed- this time for posting sexy pictures of herself on train tracks on her social media account.

Apparently, the Canadian Pacific Railway would prefer her to focus on conducting the train and not flaunting her caboose.

For whatever reason railways and trains seem to get people horny. We’ve read a myriad of stories about passengers on trains having sex in broad daylight only to be caught on camera. Maybe CP Railway is aware of this oversexualized image of the train industry and fired Katelnikoff in an attempt to fight it.

Katelnikoff on the other hand seems to think their motives were more political. While she admits taking sexy pictures in skimpy clothes around train tracks wasn’t the smartest move given her profession and history with the company, Stephanie claims this was only part of the reason she was fired.

For their part, CP Railways insists they fired Katelnikoff for posting pictures of herself on company property in unsafe conditions. Though she agreed it was dangerous for her to be on the railroad tracks, the official statement called the pictures sexually graphic which she didn’t agree with.

Stephanie claims the pictures were simply artistic expressions as modelling is a hobby of hers and were by no means lewd or sexually graphic. Since her initial dismissal from the company she has been very vocal about her grievances with the company and their policies, and she feels this is the primary reason she was let go.

If she was wrongfully terminated, hopefully the issue gets resolved and Katelnikoff can resume her job of conducting trains by day and posing for sexy social media pictures in safe locations by night.


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