Careful Around the Bush

by Alpha Harlot on August 27, 2017

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Let’s talk about pubes for a bit. The very first Internet hook up I ever experienced in my life told me that my pussy hair was out of control. I was 18 and was under the impression that the only women that shaved their stuff did porno. Since I didn’t do porno, I figured that I could just let my bush grow wild and free.

He had other ideas.

During our second sex session, he stopped mid fuck and said, “If you ever want anyone to eat that pussy, you’re going to have to give it a trim.”

I was very embarrassed because I was new to this whole sex thing and I was totally unaware that this was something that grown folks did when they were going to get busy.

On our third date, he met me at his door with a small Lady Bic and some shaving cream. I let him shave me because I thought it would be a fun adventure…and it totally was. It also became a habit that I didn’t get rid of for about decade. That first shaving was a bit of a fucked up mind game. I thought that I had to shave because that was what bad, slutty women like who I was at the time, had to shave. A bare snatch was my armor and proof to the people that I was fucking that I meant business.

I was naive, it was silly…whatever. I’m just about 2 decades older now and I’ve realized the error of my ways.

I keep my bush trimmed now, but there is always going to be hair on my pussy. I’ve cut myself a few times with razors, scissors and the like. I also had a razor burn issue that never seemed to get itself under control no matter what I used or how often I shaved. It totally sucked for so long and I’m so glad I decided to keep the locks between my legs grown out.

Lots of people experience injury while they are trimming. A study published in JAMA Network Dermatology (which is a fancy pants doctor’s journal) gives evidence that a quarter of people who do private landscaping injure themselves. That seems like a really high percentage to me. Cuts, burns, rashes and infection are all terrible terrible things to have going on under your underoos.

The study also says that we need to come up with more preventative measures to stop all the ouchies from happening.

“Yes!” I shout to this, “Yes! Find some way to prevent injuries so that my pussy doesn’t experience the hell of a healing cut!”

Porno made shaved snatches popular…now science has to take it to the next level and figure out how to make it safe for everyone.

Have you ever had an injury while your were trimming? Tell me about it in the comments so we can all sympathize.

In the meantime, here’s some bushy puss bumping to keep you entertained.

Source: Market Watch

Image: Esperanza Gomez in Danny D is Willing To Die by Brazzers

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