Carmen Kass Nude In A Tanning Bed

by Lola Byrd on March 24, 2015

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Tanning beds are the worst. I don’t understand people who tan in them. You might as well be injected cancer cells right into your veins (yes, I’m aware cancer doesn’t actually work like that). Plus, why are people obsessed with tans? My step-mom just came back from spending her entire winter in Costa Rica and she’s so tanned that her skin literally looks like old leather.

Yes, I’m aware my step-mom is nearly 70 years old and that she has more than a few wrinkles, but all that sun exposure is not helping. Nope, not helping. It’s like I can see the sun damage happening in slo-mo right before my eyes. It’s crazy. She goes to the tanning salon before heading down south to get a base tan so she doesn’t burn, which just makes matters worse.

Base tans do not prevent your skin from burning, I will have you know. And did I mention the cancer, the sun spots, and the wrinkles?! Besides, we all know that only psychos like Patrick Bateman use tanning beds.

All that being said, I think I can forgive Carmen Kass for this faux pas of gigantic proportions, because that blue-ish light is doing wonders for her boobs. Those. Are. Magnificent. Boobs. I’m also digging the little peek-a-boo pubes. Those nails have got to go, though, or, at least filed into a talon.

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Image: Carmen Kass in Vogue by Mikael Jansson

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  • Found your step mom.

    She’s smoking in the tanning bed too. DOUBLE CANCER!

  • Zach Becvar

    Are oompah loompahs really that popular that so many want to be orange?

    • Apparently. I really don’t get it. Personally, getting a tan freaks me out because it makes me think that the sun is literally cooking my skin the way a chicken will brown in the oven.

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