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I have become addicted to Wordscapes. I highly recommend you DON’T download the app, because this game is highly addictive if you dig word games. I saw an ad for it while I was doing my daily crossword and for once I said to myself: “Why the hell not, let’s try this new game!” Right there, that was my fatal error. It’s been two days and I haven’t stopped playing.  As a result, I’ve got some kind of wicked pain radiating down from my shoulder.

For a second there, I was afraid I was having a heart attack or something. But nope, I’ve just been swiping too much with my right hand. The worst part is that I still want to play. I wonder if I can manage with my left hand. Probably not. Maybe I should quit while I still have the use of one arm.

If I ever lose an arm I’m definitely going for the most bionic look I can afford. None of this plastic-arms-that-try-to-look-real bullshit, just give me a straight up hook. Basically, I want to look like Cara Delevingne in this GQ photoshoot. I want to look like part of me was made out of liquid chrome.

At first, I thought that this look was created to promote a movie, but after going through Cara’s latest IMBD offerings I didn’t find anything to do with androids and or robots. That said, whoever came up with the concept for this shoot is definitely a scifi fan, because they have designed the bra of the future. All metal, all nips, all good.



Have you Peepz ever heard of The Undress? It was popular on Kickstarter a few years ago. Basically, it’s a large dress that you slip over your sports/swim gear and it has these weird side openings that you can use to pull your bottoms on and off without flashing the whole world.

Basically, it’s the invention that is going to put all the beach paparazzi out of business. All the weirdos with a camera hiding in the bushes waiting for the hotties to change out of their bikinis will need to find new careers, or, at least, parlay their skills into legit jobs like porn.

I’m definitely not suggesting that beach paps should start peeping into people’s windows. It might look like these pics of Manon Le Boltan where taken by a disgruntled paparazzi who said “Fuck the beach and The Undress, I’m moving on to peeping through windows,” but I can assure you that they were taken by a legit photographer. Probably. Most likely. I hope.

On one hand, I’m thinking let’s burn all The Undresses, because accidental nudity is what I live for. But on the other hand, I’m thinking I should probably buy one. No kidding, I was just at the beach and I pulled my usual move, which is flash everyone while sort of hiding under a towel. I swear, if I was famous my boobs would be all over the internet.

Oh wait, I’m not famous and my boobs are already all over the internet.



Who knew? Did you know? I didn’t know that Britney Spears is a smoking hot MILF?! I still remember when Britney Spears appeared on the scene. People were crazy about her. Obviously, I was much too jaded and sophisticated to like anything so popular. I was probably still busy mourning the death of Kurt Kobain.

JK, I never liked Kurt Kobain. JK, he was alright I guess.

That said, I always thought the video for “I’m a Slave 4 U” was super freaking hot. Like, I’m gonna fap to this hot. Haha, I just watched it again on Youtube and it. did. not. age. well. The early 2000s had the worst fashion.

So bad.

Those pants, I want to invent a time machine so I can go back in the past and burn them to the ground.

Mostly, I’m just surprised that Britney Spears has endured. After temporarily losing custody to her kids to Kevin Federline (of all people) and shaving her head, I never thought she would recover.

She went nuts for a good reason. The freaking paparazzi wouldn’t leave her alone because people LOVE HER. That’s why she was able to make a comeback after that whole mess. People can’t get enough of the sweet dulcet tones of Britney Spears.

Also, she still looks freaking hot in a sports bra. It’s no wonder she looks so good, from what I hear Britney cut out the middle man and decided to date a personal trainer. We should all be so lucky.



I go back and forth on the whole Kim Kardashian bandwagon… sometimes I love her, sometimes I think she’ll all that is wrong with the world, and sometimes (most of the time) I couldn’t care less. No matter how you feel about the most famous woman in the world, can we all take a moment and agree that she’s a knockout with amazing tits?!

Here she is wearing a see-through everything and I can’t take my eyes off her boobs. THEY. ARE. SPECTACULAR. I know they’re fake, but as such, I admire them even more because her surgeon is basically the modern day version of a Renaissance master. #Skills4Days

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that money buys happiness, but it clearly buys the best of everything.

I literally just stared at my screen for the last 15 minutes imaging all the things I would do if I had Kardashian levels of money. I did not imagine all the places I would visit or the things I would buy. Nope, I imagined all the people I would hire to do things for me.

That’s the dream right there. Being so rich you can have your own personal staff of Peepz doing every single little thing for you. I would never touch another dish in my life and I would hire someone whose sole purpose is to check the inside of straws for me to make sure I never accidentally swallow an earwig.

Also, I would definitely call up KK and find out who did her boobs, because they are perfect. Perfect, I tell you. Perfect.

P.S. What’s Kim’s middle name? I hope it doesn’t start with a K because that would be hella awkward.



The first thing I thought when I heard the new Doctor was called Jodie Whittaker was: “Is she related to Forest Whitaker?” The second thing I thought was: “Oh, she has boobies.” I’m kidding, the first thing I thought was: “Did the first female Doctor have to be thin and blonde?” Which was closely followed by: “Peter Capaldi only got two seasons? That’s not fair. Nope, wait, it’s been three.”

To be honest, I haven’t seen the latest season of Doctor Who yet. Peter Capaldi, although a great actor, didn’t have a great first season as the Doctor. Personally, I blame that on some iffy writing and the fact that he was never paired up with a great companion. The whole Clara thing was not a good match. I actually kind of hate Clara.

Whatever, it’s hard to follow up a team like the Ponds.

That said, I was just starting to really dig Capaldi. I’m sad to see him go, but I am excited to see this new direction Doctor Who is going in. Let’s hope Jodie Whittaker brings more to the table than a nice pair of tits. I don’t know her as an actress, but by all accounts her work is stellar. She was in the critically acclaimed Broadchurch and Attack the Block, so we can only hope she kills it as the 13th Doctor.

I kind of hope the Doctor continues to be an old embittered misanthrope like Capaldi’s Doctor only in pretty packaging. I would dig that vibe, so far I’ve got to say the teaser has me intrigued, but I hope they give her a slightly better costume for the show than a black hoodie. Yawn.



I don’t get hockey. I mean, I get how it’s played. Something about heavily padded Peepz skating after a puck on a rink trying not to trip on each other’s sticks. It’s the why of it all I don’t get. Why would you want to skate after a little black disk for entertainment? Even worse, why would you want to watch heavily padded Peepz skating after a puck for entertainment?

Now, if said Peepz were naked then I might be interested in taking a look. Not only would I have something to stare at while freezing my ass off, but it would raise the stakes.

I’ve always had this random fear of falling down while skating and having the misfortune of someone else skating over my wrists with their very sharp skates. Now, I don’t know if this has ever happened or if it’s even possible, but can you imagine losing a couple fingers because someone skated over them?

Those are the risks players would be taking if they played hockey without any clothes or padding and it’s exactly the kind of high-risk stakes that would actually make a hockey game interesting. Not to mention how fun it would be to see all those shrinking peens and perky nipples what with the cold and everything.

Back in the early days of the Olympics, the athletes used to compete naked and oiled up. I think this is a tradition we should bring back ASAP, especially where it concerns the US Women’s National Hockey Team because those ladies have buns of steel and they would look even better oiled up. Although, all that oil would be sure to cause a disaster on the ice. Something else I wouldn’t mind seeing.



These pictures of Jennifer Lawrence wearing a lacy see-through dress with nothing underneath is the best thing I’ve seen all week. It’s strange how the sight of one single areola seen through a layer of fabric can put you in the best of moods.

I’m not going to hide it, I was feeling kind of shitty. I was tasked with watching my friend’s two cats all week and I managed to lose one. Not good. Not good at all. I swear, it’s not my fault. SHE TOLD ME to let it go outside. It’s not like I was going to spend the whole night there waiting for kitty to come back home. Sigh.

Henceforth, I will forever be known as a loser of kitties.

The only thing that’s been able to get me out of this lost kitty funk is Jennifer Lawrence’s areola. I know there are more revealing pictures out there – I’ve seen what the Fappening had to offer (sorry God I don’t believe in, I couldn’t resist) – but I find myself attracted to these pictures more than any other.

It’s the whole she’s-fully-clothed-but-I-can-see-a-glimpse-of-an-areola-and-the-curve-of-her-breast vibe. What I like about JLaw’s boobs is that when I look at them I get a sense of their weight. She has those really great tear shaped tits that just begged to be cupped. They look like they would fit nicely in the palm of my hand. It’s almost like I can feel how heavy they are.

What I like about JLaw’s boobs is that when I look at them I get a sense of their weight… It’s almost like I can feel how heavy they are. She has those really great tear shaped tits that just beg to be cupped. They look like they would fit nicely in the palm of my hand.

It’s okay, I can keep on dreaming.



Here’s Bella Thorne nude in a bathtub, because America needs a new hot mess to obsess about. She’s young and she just got off the Disney train, so she qualifies. I never saw the show that catapulted Bella to stardom, cause, you know, I don’t really watch the Disney channel and I don’t hang around kids who do. Wait, let me rephrase that. I don’t hang around kids.

To say Bella’s looks have changed a whole lot since her Shake It Up days is an understatement.


Bella definitely had a nose job and lip injections, but mostly it’s her girl-gone-wild shtick that is getting all the attention. That and the fact that she lives at the gym; a fact anyone can attest to after taking a look at her Instagram feed/profile/whatever it’s called.

I saw Bella’s acting skills in one thing and one thing only: Scream, the TV show. She plays the Drew Barrymore role, you know the one, where she gets killed off in the first episode. It’s okay, though, because her character was a total bitch.

Thorne is pretty and all that, but her red hair just makes me nostalgic for vintage Lohan. Can’t wait to see what happens when this younger version gets arrested. Better yet, I want her to do a photoshoot with Terry Richardson, so we can really get that vintage Lohan vibe going.

It’ll come, I’m sure.



Rihanna is quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. At the very least, she makes the top 10. She’s gorgeous, that’s quite obvious, but she also has this indescribable je ne sais quoi that just exudes style, grace and straight up sex.

I swear, she sweats sex. It drips off of her… leaving everyone in her wake completely under her spell.

Riri has been at the top of the celebrity heap for quite a few years now, I was almost starting to think that she was going to suffer the faith of so many overexposed celebrities, but I think she’s immune to that shit. Whatever happened to Taylor Swift will not happen to Rihanna.

One of my favorite Rihanna anecdotes. Some Peepz over at Vogue asked the Barbados Queen is she was part of the #FreetheNipple movement (founded by director Lina Esco) and Riri answered: “I have always freed the nipple. It was never to get attention. The bra just fucked up my sheer shirt.”

You know someone is pure cool when they say shit like that and mean it.

At Peeperz we’ve been fans of Rihanna’s sheer tops for years, so much so that I really thought I could no longer be moved by the sight of Riri’s boobs,  but after seeing her new “Wild Thoughts” video I’m reminded why she is BAE. I can’t get over how damn hot she is. I’d like to thank whoever did the styling on this shoot, because the whole thing is on point.


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Amber Rose isn’t so much bringing back the bush as joining a movement that’s been going on for a few years now where we’ve seen women show off more and more body hair, from their underarms to their pussies. As you all know, I’m all for the liberation of women and banning body shame to the dark dimension (I just watched Doctor Strange), so I’m always excited when an icon like Amber Rose tries to bring a little liberation and freedom back into our lives.

Amber Rose and her glorious bush:


It doesn’t hurt that she’s super hot too! Female liberation goes down easy when it’s got curves like that. Plus her bush is nice and neat with just enough density to make it hot. I’ve usually got some kind of bush going on, but I was going swimming yesterday and I didn’t have the patience to wax just the bikini line, so I used an electric trimmer to mow through the whole thing.

The internet has had some pretty good reaction to Amber Rose’s bush. Like this meme, which is hilarious:

? I’m so done with ya’ll Lol #baldheadscallywag #bringbackthebush ???

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

But a lot of people are leaving hateful comments on her Instagram account. Seriously, Amber Rose gets a lot of hate. I don’t know how she handles it and I don’t understand people who follow people they dislike just to leave hateful comments. People needs to live their lives with a little more compassion and just let other people be who they fucking want to be.

Check out this vid of Amber showing a new type of strapless bra, but don’t read the comments:

Click on images below for larger tits versions:

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