Catfished For Cash

by Alpha Harlot on August 13, 2018

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My wife’s uncle is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Back in the early 00s, he was catfished into sending a WHOLE LOT OF MOTHER FUCKING MONEY to this chick in “England.” He said they were in love and she needed money to put a downpayment on this gorgeous house so that they could spend their life together.

The family says that it was a very difficult thing to witness. He was totally convinced that this woman existed and loved him even though he had never seen her picture, and never spoke to her on the phone. If you tried to say something to him about her legitimacy, he’d tell you to go fuck yourself. Insanity.

At the end of the day, the police came knocking on his door because funds that he had wire transferred over to “her” were considered suspicious and the authorities in Florida (WHICH IS WHERE THE MONEY WAS ACTUALLY BEING TRANSFERRED TO!!!???!?!?) contacted the FBI or some shit. That’s how the glass castle of love he had built collapsed.

But he still didn’t get it.

He believed the story he had been told so much that, even after the guy was arrested, charged, tried and put in jail for doing the same thing to a few dozen other people, my wife’s uncle still believed that something had happened to his lady love.

I shake my head every time I hear stories like this. I mean, don’t send money to strangers on the Internet and make sure you voice and video verify who you’re speaking with before you “fall in love.” Common sense? I mean, I think so, but people are still falling for it so I guess not.

A woman in New Jersey was just in the news because some Internet fellow extorted over $100,000 from her. The police aren’t dropping her name, but they say that she got into a relationship with a person named Phillip Cahill via a dating app. They had a bunch in common…blah, blah, blah…so they started talking on a messaging app.

Messaging apps are another red flag for me. I want real phone numbers…not Google Voice nonsense. I want real phone numbers and I want to see your damn face before I even think about pretending that we’re in a relationship.

The woman’s situation with Cahill only lasted 6 months before the cops stepped in. HOW ARE YOU SENDING SOMEONE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN OVER $100,000 IN 6 MONTHS TIME? I mean, if you’ve got that kind of money at your disposal, you’d think you’d have a financial advisor or someone in your life brave enough to tell you that you’re a fool.

I don’t know, Peepz. This stuff makes me so mad.

Have you ever been conned by someone Online? Hit me up on twitter with your stories. I’ll DM you back and I promise the chick in the profile picture is me.


Image: Shake Your Money Maker by Brazzers

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