Charitable Strippers Giving Turkeys To The Needy

by Calvin Clark on November 10, 2018

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We give Florida a lot of shit on this website but we know it’s not all bath salts and moldy breast implants down there. While the extreme weather conditions and unrelenting swamp ass might be enough to drive some to the edge, there are some really good people in the Sunshine State who do their best to make the world a better place.

Like their strippers!

Each Thanksgiving season three of the Cheetah club locations in the Broward and Palm Beach areas of South Florida give out turkeys to the needy. The good people of these fine establishments give away 3,000 turkeys to give back to the community that keeps their g-strings taut with glittery butt-dollars all year round.

The giveaway will be on a first come, first serve basis the Monday before Thanksgiving so if you live in the area and need a little help stop by your local Cheetahs. Alternatively, if you want to support a good cause and want something more than some overpriced cookie dough come in and get a lap dance.

Generosity and strip clubs seem to go hand in hand. I guess when you feed your family by dancing naked you appreciate the less fortunate, such as those who don’t have a money maker to shake for income. Associating strippers with charity also helps ease people’s guilt about stuffing money into a stranger’s underwear while she pretends to like you.

A while back we read about a strip club in Scotland that offered half priced lap dances with all proceeds going to charity. Though helping others was obviously the owner’s first priority, he also said that giving to charity also makes spending cash on strippers “guilt free,” thereby attracting customers who may have otherwise been too much of a prude to visit. Using charity to help people get over their inhibitions while also increasing their own revenue sounds like a win-win situation.

At any rate, we know it’s hard to be a good person which is why charity is so important. When you don’t have time to help others it’s sometimes easier to just use money. Unfortunately knowing who to trust is just as difficult. With all the bullshit circulating around social media it’s impossible to know who will do the right thing. That’s why it’s great to know strippers are out there looking out for the little guy.

If their good deeds also happen to promote their own interests then so be it. Sometimes you can do the right thing and still turn a profit. That’s just good capitalism.

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