Christina Hendricks’ & Olivia Munn Nudes Hit The Internet?!

by RICK RODAY on March 5, 2012

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Mad Men is a television show about hot women dressed up in vintage clothes. I’m not sure what else goes on because I’m too busy trying to undress Christina Hendricks with my imagination. Thanks to the internet and camera phones, my imagination can go fuck itself.

Leaked (hacked?) photos of Hendricks’ magnificent breasts hit the internet and a million users fapped in unison.

There are some words attached to the source but I didn’t read them. I don’t need an explanation as to why sexy redheads are showing their goods on the internet. Frankly, I doubt any of you are reading this.

There isn’t much to say about these pics, except that I am literally blown away at how beautiful Hendricks is in these candid shots.

Whoever the original intended recipient of these pics may be is one of the luckiest individuals on earth.

As an added bonus, sexy sexting pictures and full body nudes of nerd goddess Oliva Munn have also hit the web, were these women hit by the same hacker. Some of the Munn pictures include captioning that seem to indicate there’s a story behind their release, it appears that she added some flirty, dirty, words to her images for a lucky guy. Again, I was too blinded by beauty and erections to bother reading anything.

Click the thumbnails for full size views of awesome:

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