Clitoris Appreciation Week Begins Today!

by Bucky Beall on May 6, 2013

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Happy  everybody! Today is the first day of the first ever week set aside to admire and honor the clit.

Launched by the anti-female mutilation charity Clitoraid, this seven days of honoring the bald man in a boat is meant by the organization to be a lighter celebration of clit-awesomeness as opposed to their usual heavy and serious work – the special button doesn’t get the love it deserves and here’s a time to change that!

For years (centuries!) the love bean has gotten shafted by men who don’t notice it’s there and don’t realize it’s the main source of women’s orgasms and much of their sexual pleasure.

The clitgasm, the one given by licking, stroking, sucking ,or applying a sex toy to, the hooded lady –  is usually the sweaty, crazy, yelling, panting, style of cumming that drives women wild.

Even the so called “vaginal orgasm” caused from thrusting alone is often just a big O caused by the clit being rubbed on the inside or out – it can seem tiny when it’s in your mouth but as Clitoraid explains, “It’s up to eight inches long — same as a penis — but it’s inside.”

Tell us in the comments how you’re going to be showing your love for the love-nub this week and watch this porn of a cutie loving her love-bean just right!

19YO Amateur Rubs her Clitoris Until Orgasms powered by YouPorn.


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