Clowns Are Everywhere, Even in Fantasies

by Alpha Harlot on September 30, 2017

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Have you seen It yet? We went opening weekend and totally loved it. I’ve been working my way through Stephen King’s entire bibliography for the past few years and that book stands out as one of my favorites. Not really because of Pennywise the Clown so much as because it’s a pretty good fucking story.

We also binged the first few episodes of American Horror Story and it also has to do with crazed clown killers (and American politics and a cult? or something? Idk…it’s a pretty confusing season so far). We just watched the part where Sarah Paulson wakes up in bed next to a crazy clown murder guy. I’m not sure if I was scared, or excited or what…but I was definitely turned on.

I’m not scared of clowns or anything, but they definitely creep me out under certain circumstances. Maybe that’s what it is that makes clowns sexy for some people. It’s that rush of forbidden lust that makes us all search for things that we probably “shouldn’t” be searching for when we’re cruising around PornHub.

A tumblr account popped up called Pennywise Confessions and it’s seriously got me a bit creamy in the panties.
Other tumblrs submit their deepest, dirtiest Pennywise fantasies and the curator of the blog transforms them into memes that are a little bit spooky and a whole lot perverse. Here’s a few examples:

Post Here

Post Here

Post Here

People are filthy and it’s totally cool with me.

How do you Peepz feel about clown porn? Does the idea of banging someone wearing face paint turn you on or is it too creepy for you to get stiff?

Let me know in the comments and follow me on twitter for more perversion!

Source: Cinema Blend and Pennywise Confessions

Image: Hailey Young in It’s My Party and I’ll Fuck if I Want To by Brazzers

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