Coco’s Big Pierced Cartoon Boobies Blow Up Reality

by Bucky Beall on February 1, 2012

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Sometimes we mock talentless attention whore z-list “celeb” tramps whose chest bouncers are the basis of their career, but other times we rejoice in these floozies, this is one of those posts where we’re celebrating. Celebrating the greatest example of what America is all about: Nicole “Coco” Austen.

Human Barbie doll, rapper’s wife, “model”, and “actress” Coco’s whole career is built around her big falsies and crazy booty. I can’t hate on her though, she’s like a cartoon sexy lady come to life, like in those movies Cool World and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (are there porn parodies of either of those films yet? Get on it adult industry!!!) with hot toons interacting with live flesh and blood people or, to be more accurate Coco is more like an 9 year-old boy’s drawing of what a sexy lady is made real:

Coco Austen

So long story short, we love her, and she’s back Tweeting her pierced titties in see-thru mesh for us all to adore, soak ’em up below, click the pic to make them even bigger.


  • I’ve got to tell you…I kinda love Coco and Ice.  I nearly don’t mind that she’s an attention whore because she also seems to be genuinely sweet and into Ice, not just his gangsta money. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m not hating…that much, just having fun, I love her too

    • Their relationship intrigues me.  Also “coco and ice” should be the name of something. Like a perfume…

  • Godswarrior

    I have to agree with Alpha Harlot. I usually can not stand the celebrity that most people gain that is based on nothing, but Coco is am exception. Not to mention her jeweled, wicked giant fun-bags are almost alluring….

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • Anonymous

    Wicked funny and true

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    she almost looks like a man in the bottom picture lol

  • Jayhoodz803

    Wow! Those are some wicked knockers!

  • Jake R.

    I’ve been a fan of Coco for a few years now.Hell yeah,she has some big ole boobies that I’d love to motorboat the hell out of,but I don’t want Ice-T to kick the livin shit out of me though.But I do know what else of hers that I would rather motorboat first,and that’s her big ole sweet WICKED bootay.Now that I would definitely take an ass whoopin for.I say to all of the websites out there..more Coco,and less Kim Skankdashian.At least Coco seems like she’s a more genuine person all around,compared to that skank Kim!!!

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  • zach net

    did i already comment saying wicked?

  • PantyRaider

    Wicked Toon Boobage……..

  • Thunderbolt

    the resemblance between her and Jessica Rabbit is astonishing, if she has gone the extra mile to make it so, i have one thing to say….WICKED, and slightly air headed to be exact….but gotta love the Bazoongas……. ;P 

  • Julio Napoleonis

    I love me some Wicked hot coco..down the hatch it..pass the my zipper cause here it cums..

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  • Mattmoney

    love them

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