Coffin Maker Uses Topless Girls To Sell Coffins – Scandal?

by Bucky Beall on November 5, 2012

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Yes, I did promise that the last Peeperz Halloween post of 2012 would be last Friday’s featuring Lady Gaga’s (and Rihanna) costume of “being naked and stoned“, and I’m keeping my promise. Somehow this story about coffins and topless babes is not related to Halloween.

Instead, it’s an example of the phenomenon of “Sex Sells“: a coffin company in Poland, Lindner, is promoting its products with a calendar of topless and scantily clad models. Definitely weird.  A little inappropriate? I don’t know, sexy girls are used to sell everything now, why not coffins? Most of the pics are kind of sexy, kind of silly, mostly harmless, like the pic up above in the header, that’s from their calendar. Though another image they created is this one:

What the sweet fuck is going on in the picture and why does it make me want to buy a coffin?

This whole sexy naked-ish babes posing with wooden boxes to bury dead people thing is a bit of a scandal in Poland. The Catholic Church is a big deal in the country and they’re publicly denouncing the Lindner Calendar. Scandal!

What do you think? Are you with the church on this one? Or is it all a bit of fucked up fun? Tell us in the comments and we’ll pass it on to the president of Poland, the Pope, Lindner, and anyone else who should know.


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