Comedy Spit Roast

by Alpha Harlot on November 15, 2018

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Comedy Spit Roast

What do you get when you cross porn and comedy? A damn good time. The innovative peepz over at Brazzers decided to have a comedy spit roast where laughter and sex allign.

These people are the talented people involved in the spit roast. Following their social media should be your top priority. While they all have completely filthy mouths, everyone stays clothed and it’s totally SFW visually…it’s the audio you’re going to have to make sure your boss isn’t listening to…I mean, unless you’re into sharing raunchy humor with your boss.

We’ve got Debra DiGiovanni, Lisa Ann, Liza Treyger, Charles Dera, Bob The Drag Queen, Bonnie Rotten, Missy Martinez, Guy Branum and Steph Tolev…Sorry/not sorry about all the hyperlinks Peepz.

You know what was cool about this idea? I think that sometimes people take filming porno super seriously because it is kind of serious. Masturbation is serious business…but it’s also hilariously awkward. I was kind of neat to hear Bonnie Rotten riff about her football field sized butthole and refreshing to see Bob The Drag Queen stand on stage and proclaim that because he’s gay and from New York, he’s better than you.

Here’s the whole video:

Even though you can legit tell who does porn and who does comedy by the quality of the jokes that they tell, it’s neat to hear some of our favorite adult actors out of their element and under the spotlights for a different reason. Being able to poke fun at yourself is healthy. One of the comedians reminds us that porn stars do the hard work to make us happy.

There’s a whole riff that BRUNETTE ON LEFT SIDE goes on about paying for porno and how it’s strange that we’re willing to pay for Wrestlemania but when it comes to porno, we’re only watching free clips on the Internet. It’s totally true. I loves me some PornHub, everyone knows this…but PornHub exists because of companies like Brazzers and Reality Kings that are able to support it. Throwing a little bit of cash back into the industry to support it is a really good idea. I’m a member of a few different sites that hire actresses that I enjoy watching…and that’s because if I don’t support them, there’s a possibility that they may disappear.

Don’t let that happen.

Support your local porn shop, support your favorite porn sites and support your favorite pornstars in all their non porno endevors. Clips like this comedy roast make the people we fap to multidimensional. When you check out their adult content and their clothed videos, they really become aware of how much you appreciate their work.

Source: XBiz

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