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by MB on September 11, 2014

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Heeellooo friends and listeners and thank you so very much for tuning in to this special edition of Peeperz Radio! Our guest today is a Grammy award winning musician, an actor, a celebrity chef and all all around talented guy. We are very honored to have the one and only Coolio as our guest! Be sure to check out some of our other recent interviews such as the hard driving Nina Elle and born to fuck Sarah Vandella. All our interviews can be downloaded for free so by all means load them onto your devices!

Born August 1st, 1962, Coolio was raised in Compton California. Compton is not an easy place to grow up and this certainly led to some tough times in Coolio’s youth. Looking back on it however Coolio says that 85% of the trouble he found himself in was that of his own making. Coolio talks with MB about the arc of his career, his roots in Compton all the way through his international success.

He talks about where he first got his love for food and cooking (Which is now a mainstay in his life and big creative outlet for him) and his recent collaboration with Pornhub/Brazzers on the PornHub branded song and video “Take it to the Hub”. It was a rewarding experience for Coolio and gave him a chance to  get his creative juices flowing again, not to mention to hang out with some unreal booty.

Coolio also chats with MB about what its like to be a father, a new cookbook he will be releasing as well as his plan to write a tell-all book about his life. MB asks Coolio about his personal life. Is Coolio in love? And where would he like to see this part of his life head in the future? All in all Coolio is a warm, down to earth and very charismatic man. We want to thank him for chatting with us and we hope you enjoy listening to the very talented Coolio!

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Enjoy some pics from the video shoot below:

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