Courtney Stodden’s Exposed Boobs (Finally!)

by Bucky Beall on September 5, 2013

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Okay, yeah it’s happening.

I like surprises, I especially like it when people surprise me – because what is more predictable than people? There’s no surprises in this post as a particularly predictable subset of people are the dlist celebs of this world.

Like how we all knew for the past two years that Courtney Stodden would start getting naked when she hit 18 no matter what she said. Courtney was famously married off by her family to a creepy character actor three times her age probably in the hope that they could star in a reality show together.

She’s 19 and of age now and full of silicon and finally on television via the British version of Celebrity Big Brother. And her big fake breastohs are out to the world now on the same show courtesy of a “totally not planned” slip out of her plastic mounds post showering as well as her nips poking up from her transparent top.

Here’s a some gif action:

A gallery of tits and sadness:


  • Postulio

    Yes, Yes Yesss, The dark gods have listened!

  • I’m a little sad that this finally happened and that Bucky beat me to the punch.

    Also, a British version of Celebrity Big Brother?! That makes no sense to me, how did Stodden end up on that show? And where’s Doug? If she’s stuck in a house there’s no Doug??? THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.

  • Mikaela

    She’s 19 and looks 30! In five years she’s gonna look 40. This science experiment does absolutely nothing for me – well, I shouldn’t say that. I feel slightly bad that she felt her only way to fame was to marry her grandfather & shove plastic bags in her body. It’s sad, really.

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  • LocoPoco

    I’d love to suck her tits,especially the nipples.

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