Does Not Like The Cum, Blooper Video

by Joy Topaz on June 14, 2010

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Being a pornstar isn’t as easy as one may think. Mind you a female pornstar doesn’t have to worry about getting hard, keeping hard or shooting a giant wad of cum on cue. But she does have to worry about where that giant wad of cum is going to land. Like say, 90 percent of porn, in her mouth.

There are so many hilarious things wrong with this video. So many questions that begged to be asked. Is this her first time doing a porn? Is this the first time she’s ever seen a porn? Why choose the porn career avenue if the smell of cum makes you gag in a ‘oh my god, body seizing, good chance I’m going to vomit’ way and not an ‘attempting to deep throat my first cock’ way (which is infinitely more adorable for some reason)?

Phrases we never thought we’d hear from a pornstar:

“I gag from just the smell of cum.”
“No you don’t understand, I have a bad gag reflex.”

The guy in the video is obviously quite the gentleman. Taking time to smoothly convince her that shooting his cum in her mouth will be fine. Even when she’s retching, when she’s opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish dropped on the floor from some bumblesome stepkid, when she looks up at him with those PTSD eyes just begging for it to all be over, that’s when he tells her, “You’re so fucking sexy right now.”

Even with the gagging, we couldn’t agree more.

She hates to drink cum! brought to you by PornHub

NOTE: In the comments section someone names the girl as Kelly Tyler. Does anyone know if this is right?

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