Demi Moore Nude In Penthouse Spain 1981

by Lola Byrd on August 17, 2012

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Holy baby Batman, Demi Moore posed nude for Penthouse Spain back in 1981 when she was 19 years-old. That’s the year I was born, six months after John Lennon was shot. Random events or is there a pattern emerging here? I don’t know, ask my mother… she’s the one that knocked over one of my framed school pictures only to discover that the glass upon shattering had carved two horns on my temples (on the picture, not my actual head).

No matter, that’s all ancient history. And who believes in random events that have absolutely no connection? Not me, that’s for sure. Although, I do cringe a little every time my mother tells me she’s going to haunt me from the grave. Of course, she’s always kidding, but if anyone could do it, I bet she could.

What does Demi Moore have to do with my mother? Absolutely nothing, except that they’re both beautiful leggy brunettes. My mom never posed for Penthouse though, so I can’t offer you any proof. Not that I would if she had, because ewwwww.

Back to 1981, the year of my birth, the year Demi Moore posed nude for Penthouse Spain, the year Demi Moore landed her first movie role; I don’t believe in all that new age crap, but I don’t believe in coincidences either. Well, okay, my birth probably had nothing to do with the other two events, but therein lies the only flaw in my logic, which is, in case you missed it, babe getting naked equals movie career.

Don’t be fooled by the pseudonym Vivianne Pollentier; that’s definitely Demi Moore. I checked my sources (err Google) and they all say the same thing; Vivianne and Demi are one in the same. The only thing I wasn’t able to verify is whether or not she still sports the same bush, but as soon as Ashton Kutcher gets back to me I’ll give you guys the 411.

Click on images below for larger versions of Demi’s bush:

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