Devon James Keeps Making Up Lies About Tiger Woods Sex Tape

by Bucky Beall on December 9, 2010

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Pornstar and Tiger Woods mistress Devon James is not the most honest of people. She claimed that her son was the illegitimate bastard son of Tiger Woods, a bloodtest showed up that fib. In the fall she said she had a sex tape of her and Woods rutting and started taking pre-orders to sell it herself online.

This plan fell through (or should have fell through) when a handsome black man named Teneal Goyco came forward and explained Devon James paid him $1000 to fuck her on camera, and she was passing off that recording of Goycol as her supposed Tiger Woods sex tape.

You’d think this would be the end of this pathetic farce, but James just added the word “spoof” under her ads for the The Tiger Woods-Devon James Sex Tape and continued taking orders. Now a new lie from this lying liar: Devon James is now claiming that Woods has settled with her for an undisclosed sum and is buying the rights to the tape. There’s no way that Tiger Woods bought her out, sources close to her have confirmed to the press that it’s just another sad lie.

She’s been taking orders for the tape but none have ever shipped..James is now claiming all who pre-ordered will be “refunded”…yeah…..sure they will. It seems this new falsehood was thought up so she doesn’t have to spend money making copies of the “spoof sex tape” and sending it out…and her new lie makes it sound like the tape was real the whole time…and her tall story will buy her time to make off with the pre-order money already sent to her.

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