Disney Teens Gone Wild!! Demi Lovato Leaked Party Pics

by Bucky Beall on December 17, 2010

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In honor of Miley Cyrus (probably) coming to work with us. It’s Disney Teen Pop Princesses Gone Wild Day here at Peeperz! Demi Lovnoto stars in a bunch of shitty Disney tv shows and movies where teenagers learn important life lessons while, like, partying man. She’s also a “recording artist”, who “plays” manufactured pop that turns kid’s mind into smegma.

Cracks are showing in her carefully created corporate image, she’s canceling her band’s tour to enter a treatment center for, as the press release states, “emotional and physical issues”…..uh hu….I get emotional and physical when I shove drugs up my nose, veins, and ass too,  and I’m still showing up for work.

Know what’s hot? Sexy teens getting drunk, and acting all dykey and sexual with each other. That’s why we’re happy to get these new leaked Demi Lovnoto party pics. If she keeps this up she can join Miley and Lilo working here for the Pornhub network…. I could use a fluffer.

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