Do Guys Really Hate These 7 Sex Moves?

by Lola Byrd on November 23, 2012

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There’s a lot of rubbish sex advice on the Internet. Lola wants to know if these 7 seven sex moves guys allegedly don’t like are the real deal or not. Personally, I think that this sort of advice just adds to the insecurity and the pressure to be “perfect” in the sack that the so-called media is always dumping on women.

1. “The Over-Moan”

Watch out for the over moan, Betty Confidential says, guys might like hearing and seeing in it porn, but it can come off as fake in real life. Lola says, moaning like a banshee can be fun as hell. Gone are the days, where women had to be ashamed of their sexuality. If you want to scream so loud you’re gonna wake up the neighbors, go for it! Who the fuck cares if someone doesn’t like it as long as you’re having fun.

2. “The Starfish”

I’m not one for lying back and playing possum even in the missionary position, and I agree with Betty’s assessment that dudes don’t like a dead fuck, but sometimes I have to admit I’d like to lie back and have someone else do all the work.

3. “Catching Air”

Bounce, bounce, bounce. Apparently, nothing scares a guy more than having a chick bounce to high and botch the landing. It’s true bending an erect penis the wrong way can hurt like a bitch, but I doubt guys are deathly afraid of breaking their dick when some hot piece of ass is bouncing on their dick like it was the best ride at the amusement park.

4. “The WWF Smack Down”

Some folks like it rougher then others, but is it true that guys will get turned off if during sex you get so excited you leave a few scratch marks on their backs? I have to admit, I’m always wondering how passionate I can be with a guy before it becomes too much.

5. “Assploration”

Betty Confidential says, go for a guys balls not his ass. Lola says, go for the gold and play with both. But what do you guys think, is the ass a no go?

6. “The Lean Back”

When you ride a guy, don’t lean back, because a guy’s junk doesn’t bend that way. Hmm, not on board with this advice. What about the crab, a classic cowgirl variation, the chick is clearly leaning back?! Me thinks a guy’s junk does bend that way.

7. “The Red Eye”

The reverse cowgirl is a popular position no doubt about it, but is it really necessary for the chick to stay upright? The theory being that if she leans forward and grabs on to the guy’s ankles he’ll get a “disturbing” view of her asshole. Lola says, screw that. If the guy you’re fucking is so squeamish he can’t deal with a nice long look at your a-hole, you don’t want to be fucking this guy in the first place. Same goes for guy’s who think eating pussy is gross; drop that mother faster than you can say fucker.

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