Do You Enjoy Casual Sex?

by Alpha Harlot on October 4, 2018

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A very large portion of my 20s was spent naked and fucking. Hookups were my hobby. As a woman who was always on the prowl to bang, I was the unicorn that many men in the Online dating world were looking for.

And when you get down to it, I was seeking them out because it was a lot easier to get a guy to fuck me than it was to get a woman to fuck me.

For some reason I was never able to tap into the casual lesbian sex market that people claim exists. I would meet a woman, we’d bang and then she would either ghost me or I would realize that she was crazy pants and I’d ghost her. As much as I preach about closure and communication, hurting people’s feelings face to face totally sucks.

Finding casual sex now seems to be a lot easier than it was back ten years ago. I’d like my single (or at least looking) Peepz to reach out, either in the comments below or on twitter. Do you think it’s easier to find people to fuck Online?

The article linked below on The Federalist is saying that it’s harder for millennials to get over being ghosted after they have a casual hook up. I don’t know that it’s exactly “harder” but I think that because they see Internet dating largely as their only option for finding love, it may seem like there is way more heartache, especially if both people aren’t on the same page about what they are looking for. The author of the article sees the fact that people aren’t treating sex as a “sacred act” as a negative thing. I mean, every orgasm is sacred to me but just because I gave a guy an orgasm doesn’t mean that I expected him to come around my way again.

Maybe it’s because my views on sex are a bit…skewed(? I think they’re spot on, but whatever) from what the average person thinks, but casual sex can be just as fulfilling as being in a meaningful relationship with a long term partner. The trick is being mentally prepared for it. Sex can have emotions attached to it because our partners are trying to give us pleasure (or pain…I don’t discriminate). Psychologically, are we looking for something like love within that pleasure? I guess we do.

In my brain though, after that moment of pleasure…there is gratitude for sharing the experience. Sometimes a physical encounter is nothing more than that. It’s society that tells us that we should be attached to our sexual partners…because society forced us to think of sex as something that should only happen between a man and a woman…and only in the sanctity of marriage.

Rebel against what you are taught, Millennial perverts. It is totally OK to have sex when there is no love. If you want to fuck someone consensually, fuck them. Take your time and get to know their bodies.

And if you feel like there is more of a connection, let them know. If you had a good time but you don’t feel that chemistry…it’s probably a good idea to tell them that as well. I think I could have avoided quite a few angry people banging on my door at midnight if I had followed that advice.

Source: The Federalist

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