Do You Read Erotica?

by Alpha Harlot on July 17, 2018

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One of the drawbacks to being surrounded by porno for 85% of the time that I’m awake is that I’ve gotten lazy with getting turned on. In my early 20s, I would print out super hot lesbian erotica stories on my printer at work and sneak them home in my purse. Watching porno wasn’t my habit yet, so I’d visualize the stories that I was reading.

Porno is everywhere now so it’s way easier for me to pop onto PornHub and poke around looking for a good video than it is for me to read though some erotica only to find out that it’s not the type of story that I’m looking for.

It’s legit just me being lazy with my masturbation habits. Visual porno is easy for me to find…Good erotica takes a bit of time to discover.

I’ve already read 80 books this year. Reading for pleasure is something that I do all the damn time (I’m PeriodicReader on Goodreads, btw…follow me over there if you’re a reader too). Zero books that I have read in the past five years that I’ve been tracking them have been erotica. I masturbate to relax and obviously to cum all over the place…Putting in the effort to move my eyeballs back and forth read erotic stories just isn’t something that I do anymore.

Do you though?

Sometimes I feel silly writing sentences and coming up with synonyms for the words, “penis,” and “breasts.” Maybe it’s just because I’m constantly going through the motions to get my posts done for the week, but if the words don’t flow out immediately, I feel like I’m forcing them.

Reading erotica used to give me so many ideas. You can go anywhere with the written word. If you are in the mood, you can have sex on a crowded subway with an invisible man. No one is going to judge you except for the notebook or keyboard that is helping you get the words down.

I think that’s why I’ve always liked writing and why I love the Internet so much. You can be anyone you want to be, you can experience anything that you want to experience…even if it’s only in the form of daydreams and mental exercises.

I get that my real life #VintageHarlot stories are hot. But do you cum to them? I’m genuinely asking because I’m curious. Are my short 500 word snippets enough to get you off or do you need more in order to climax?

Please let me know in the comments below or get in touch with me on twitter.

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