Do You Want Joslyn James Face On Your Balls?

by Bucky Beall on December 7, 2010

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Sometimes we just want a celebrity scandal to go away and as many times as we’ve sworn to never write about Tiger Woods again – we keep breaking our vows because something entertaining relating to his screwing around pops up. A company is producing a series of golf balls with the faces of each of Tiger’s mistresses and alleged mistresses, twelve different balls with twelve different girls in total.

One of the members of the  Hoes-Tiger-Fucked-Club, pornstar Joslyn James, is not amused and is threatening to sue, she claims the balls encourage violence against women since the faces are thwacked by golf clubs. I say that’s weak sauce and she’s miffed someone’s making a buck off her image and she’s not getting a cut. She should make and sell her own version, but have a pic of her cooze on each golf ball. Now those would sell!

Hey, this item is a total Christmas gift alert! It’s $50.00 to buy the entire set for your golf loving relative or friend. Check them out here.

Here’s some Joslyn James in action.

Joslyn James alleged mistress of Tiger Woods brought to you by PornHub

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