Don’t Molest the Robots

by Alpha Harlot on October 8, 2017

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I’m always the person that takes inappropriate pictures with inanimate objects. If there is a statue with its hand out, I’m sticking one of my tits in its palm. There are more pictures of me being spanked by random sticky out things than there are of me just cheesing for the camera.

I’ve been told by more than one security guard that I should back the fuck away from displays, but I honestly can’t help myself sometimes. Hilarious pictures make me smile and taking them makes me smile even more.

Some people kind of go above and beyond me though. I’ll take all the scandalous pics I can, but the line in the sand is drawn at destroying someone’s property.

At the Arts Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, people took advantage of a sex robot named Samantha. Sam is programmed to be romanced. When you rub her boobs, she moans softly to tell you how good it feels…and she doesn’t mind being penetrated, after all, that’s what she was made for. At the end of the day, the gang bang of dudes that filtered through her booth at the fest ended up giving Sam more than her creators had bargained for.

Samantha is currently out for fixing after having two fingers broken and having been dirtied scandalously. Random dude bros were mounting her tits and fucking her for the sake of a good time, even though no orgasm was possible because it was a public space filled with other people.

I mean, I 100% would have grabbed some boobs and taken some pics with Samantha if I had been at the convention. I absolutely would have stopped short at finger breaking or any kind of digital insertion (which, in my mind, is how the fingers ended up breaking? I’m totally making up a fantasy though).

How do you Peepz feel about sex dolls? Are you DTF or are you more into real, human flesh #NoZombie? Hit me up in the comments below or reach out on twitter.

Here’s an interesting clip of a fuck doll blackmail fantasy that I found on PornHub when I was putting together stuff for this week’s Fap Along.

Source: Huffington Post

Image: Alicia Amira in Life Assistant Doll by Brazzers

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