Don’t Wash and Reuse Your Condoms (Obviously?)

by Alpha Harlot on August 8, 2018

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Getting into the habit of using safer sex practices is something that can save your life from being altered forever, whether by babies or illness. I’m a stickler for condom use when I’m touching dick. My last male ex ended up getting his ass tossed to the curb when he accidentally stuck, “just the tip,” of his dick into the other chick he was banging and she got pregnant.

That’s not the best way to tie a bow on a three year polyamorous relationship with one of the most sexually open chicks on the planet (that’d be me) but I mean whatever. To each his own, right?

Anyway…use condoms because real life isn’t a fantasy porno set.

One of my friends linked me to this tweet from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s STD twitter account and…it honestly made my jaw drop.


I’ve fucked around with some pretty shady people before, Peepz…but no one has ever tried to reuse a condom on me. It’s kind of nasty…plus you’re using a very thin barrier to protect yourself during an activity that involves friction. Condoms break all the damn time even when they are only being used once. Reusing them is risky business, me thinks.

Is this something that is actually being done now? I know I’m in a privileged situation because I live near two major cities, where condoms are basically free in all of the LGBT centers…maybe it’s a money thing?

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t afford condoms so you had to reuse one?
Do you think that it’s a gross practice?

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